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Fall 2017 issue
Convenient surgical options

Convenient surgical options


When it comes to having surgery, what matters most is getting back on your feet and returning to daily activities as soon as possible. And we all want care close to home. All of these goals are achievable through Novant Health UVA Health System, where you can depend on experienced providers at Culpeper Medical Center, Haymarket Medical Center and Prince William Medical Center to see you through common and complex surgical procedures.

Surgeons work in modern centers equipped with advanced surgical technology, using robotic and other minimally invasive techniques. For many patients, these procedures mean less pain and scarring, shorter hospital stays and quicker recovery time.

Surgical options for patients include fibroid and gall bladder removal, prostate cancer, knee and hip surgeries, and many others.

And at the Bariatric Surgery Center at Haymarket Medical Center, patients receive nationally recognized care.

“The accreditation shows our dedication to making the community healthier,” said Diana Biondi, RN, MSN, CCRN, CEN, bariatric program coordinator. “And we’re providing an opportunity that’s local. It’s right in the backyard of our tight-knit community.”

Here’s more on what’s available at these three medical centers:

  • Surgical offerings at Culpeper Medical Center include general, urological, gynecological, breast surgery and more. Orthopedic procedures help to address joint pain and sports-related injuries. “Investments in our surgical center, technology and experts mean patients receive highly personalized care right where they live, both before and after surgery,” said James Denton, MD, director of surgery at Culpeper Medical Center.
  • Haymarket Medical Center uses a high-tech robotic surgery device, called the da Vinci Surgical System. It involves surgeons performing complex procedures via robotic arms that are actually holding the instruments. Robot-assisted surgery results in less pain and scarring, quicker recoveries, and lower incidences of infection and blood loss for patients compared to traditional open surgery. Also, incisions are much smaller compared to open surgery. “It’s not unheard of for us to do a colon resection and have the patient stay in the hospital less than 24 hours,” said Ken Henson, MD, staff attending physician at Haymarket Medical Center, “whereas with open surgery, it’s a five- to 10-day stay.”
  • Prince William Medical Center provides a full range of surgical services, including general surgery, orthopedics, urology, and ear, nose and throat procedures. “We also treat all age groups, from children to the geriatric population,” said Mark Bartolozzi, MD, a surgeon with Novant Health UVA Health System Prince William Surgical. “We have stateof-the-art technology and minimally invasive techniques in all specialties.”

For all types of surgeries, find the technology, trained experts and compassionate touch to help get better — all available locally.

“There aren’t a lot of procedures that need to go outside the community,” said Dr. Henson. “Ninety-five percent of procedures we can take care of locally and close to home.”

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