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  • Playing It Safe
    The 411 on concussions
  • Not just lyme disease
    Tick-borne illness in Virginia
  • Scott Abell: Grateful Heart Patient
    How care from Prince William Medical Center saved his life
  • Getting Involved and Staying Engaged
    Culpeper Medical Center takes part in the local community
  • 5 keys for controlling your sugar intake
    A “natural” label doesn’t mean “healthy”
  • What is lymphedema?
    What you need to know about the causes, symptoms and treatments
  • Ending the mental illness stigma
    A look at the importance of mental health for our well-being
  • Is it a cold or allergies?
    3 things you need to know as we head into sneezing season
  • ‘Everyone did their job’
    She had a stroke. Here’s how fast action prevented disaster
  • ‘Rocked my family and my life’
    New treatment offers hope in prostate cancer diagnosis
  • The ABCs of the A1C
    Recognizing your diabetes risk by the numbers
  • Taking back control
    After bariatric surgery, he lost 113 pounds

The 411 on concussions
The start of a new school year means a new season for high school and college sports, including football, cheerleading, field hockey, cross country, golf and volleyball.
Tick-borne illness in Virginia
Along with the summer comes longer days, vacation planning, planting gardens, hiking – and tick-borne illness.
How care from Prince William Medical Center saved his life
When 49-year-old Scott Abell, a northern-Virginia-based financial advisor, husband and father of three, experienced a heart attack on October 22, 2018, he first thought it was a cold he’d picked up over the weekend.
Culpeper Medical Center takes part in the local community
At Culpeper Medical Center, a Novant Health UVA Health System facility, the number one priority is providing our patients and community members with high quality healthcare services that allow them to be treated close to home.
A “natural” label doesn’t mean “healthy”
“Sugars that occur naturally in whole foods such as milk, fruit and plain yogurt help protect your body, at a cellular level, against diseases,” said Deepti Mahajan, MD, an internal medicine provider at Novant Health UVA Health System.
What you need to know about the causes, symptoms and treatments
Have you ever experienced swelling after an injury? Maybe you twisted your ankle and needed to elevate and ice it for a couple of days. The silver lining in most cases is knowing that swelling will be gone after a few days.
A look at the importance of mental health for our well-being
When it comes to maintaining our physical health and appearance, many of us pencil in appointments weeks, months or even a year in advance. But what about mental and emotional health?
It's not too late to get vaccinated
The flu is unpredictable, as is flu season’s timeline. Here’s what you should know about the flu vaccine and when to get vaccinated.
3 things you need to know as we head into sneezing season
The arrival of spring brings longer days, warmer weather… and an explosion of pollen that can absolutely torment those of us with seasonal allergies.
Love and its effects on heart and mental health
Besides making us feel all warm and fuzzy, love plays a positive role in our mental and physical health.
Why it’s best to take online medical research with a grain of salt
Doctors themselves are guilty of looking up medical questions online, so it’s no surprise that their patients are, too. Read a doctor’s advice before turning to the internet for answers.
When to see your orthopedic specialist with shoulder pain
What do a baseball player and a window cleaner have in common? Both are at increased risk of a rotator cuff tear while on the job due to continuous movement of the shoulder joint.
Tips on surviving the holidays without packing on the pounds
How do combat excess food intake during the holidays and make sure you’re balancing treats with healthy, energizing foods? A registered dietician offers tips to curtail increasing weight.
5 things to know about the 2019 health insurance marketplace
Last year, more than 8.7 million Americans enrolled in a health insurance marketplace plan on On Nov. 1, the marketplace opens for 2019 enrollment. Whether you plan to sign up for the first time or renew last year’s plan, here are som
Tips for staying well-rested when the clocks change
The reaction to Daylight Savings Time varies from person to person. Some are merely annoyed that it’s now dark before they leave the office, while others experience Seasonal Affective Disorder.
Don’t let headaches ruin your life
Headaches may be one of the most common afflictions we share as humans. But beneath that everyday description lies a more complex web of disorders and causes.
Managing your health insurance dollars in 5 easy steps
Understanding your health plan options, knowing key terms and planning your medical needs are vital to making the best decisions.
MAKOplasty knee replacement surgery can change everything
Vietnam vet Bob Weiss, 77, had suffered knee problems off and on for over 30 years. Although various treatments worked for a while, the relief was only temporary and his knees resumed aching whenever he worked on his family farm.
6 smart things you can do to avoid packing on the pounds
It’s officially the season of cookies and candy canes, of sugarplums and savory pies. But a festive holiday spirit doesn’t mean you have to reach for your pants with the elastic waistband.
Fast action on heart attack can make all the difference
When it comes to a possible heart attack, far too many people ignore or try to ride out their pain. And it’s not worth the gamble.
New treatment helps patients get back to their lives quicker
Enjoying his family during the holiday season remained a top priority for William Deane Sr., a busy grandfather and great-grandfather. But the 73-year-old area resident had a lot going on last fall, including cancer treatment.
Many adults are not up-to-date on their shots
American adults are not getting their recommended vaccinations, putting themselves and others at risk of serious disease.
There’s no escaping germs, but you can keep them from spreading
Germs are literally everywhere. From your keyboard to your cellphone and from the bathroom to the kitchen, germs can exist on every surface. Here's how to protect yourself.