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Sanaa Belrhiti, PharmD, BCPS

Clinical Specialty: Internal medicine

On my rotation residents will have the opportunity to develop skills in providing pharmaceutical care to medical critical care patients and to acquire an understanding of the pharmacist's role on the ICU Interdisciplinary team. The resident is also responsible for providing pharmacy consult services to physicians and patients such as pharmacokinetic dosing, renal dosing, documentation of interdisciplinary recommendations in the medical record and drug information. Afternoons are often spent doing topic discussions, attending meetings, or working on special projects.

Projects: Opportunities include projects related to PAD, delirium tremens, alcohol withdrawal syndrome, vasoactive agents, respiratory, and acid-base therapies.

Ryan Chapin, PharmD

Clinical Specialty: Infectious Diseases, Antimicrobial Stewardship

Brief Rotation Description: The resident will focus on expanding their infectious diseases knowledgebase and developing antimicrobial stewardship skills. Collaboration with different provider groups and departments contributing to care for the infectious diseases patient will be ongoing component. Topic discussions and presentations will be tailored the resident’s experience and areas of interest. Projects will include team member education, clinical guideline development, and antimicrobial formulary management as needed. Ongoing Projects: ongoing education for providers, pharmacists and learners, diagnostic stewardship, and desensitization protocols.

University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy
PGY1 Pharmacy Practice Residency at Concord Hospital, Concord, NH
PGY2 Infectious Diseases Residency at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA

Kaye Dunham, PharmD

Clinical Specialty: Pharmacy Administration

Brief Rotation Description: Administration is a four to six week required learning experience. On my rotation residents spend their time acquiring first-hand experience in leadership, managerial and administrative aspects of pharmacy practice. The rotation is spent at both NHUVA Prince William and NHUVA Haymarket campuses. The resident can expect to be exposed to administrative functions at the department, facility as well as the NH Corporate level. Topics covered include but are not limited to: personnel management, purchasing and inventory control, financial management, strategic planning, human experience (patient and team member satisfaction), implementation of clinical and operational improvements, quality and safety, regulatory oversight, healthcare policy and leadership development.

Projects: Leading department level meetings regarding operational implementation of new process/procedures. Conducting audits for regulatory, quality and/or safety compliance. Plan, educate, communicate and execute at least one new operational improvement based on real-time needs of the facility.


Julie Lim, PharmD, BCPS

Clinical Specialty: Clinical Staff Pharmacist - Internal Medicine

Brief Rotation Description: Resident will gain experience reviewing complex internal medicine patients on our 20-bed progressive care/telemetry unit. Identification of potential drug therapy problems, design and modification of drug regimens, therapeutic drug monitoring, effectively gather and disseminate drug information, and patient counseling are core components of the rotation.

Common disease states the resident will encounter and review via patient experience, literature review, and preceptor discussion include the following disease states: pulmonary disease, liver disease, complications of end stage renal disease, heart failure, acute coronary syndrome, etc.

Virginia Commonwealth University School of Pharmacy
PGY1 Pharmacy Practice Residency at Novant Health UVA Health System Prince William Medical Center

Nancy Moughon, RPH

Clinical Specialty: Orientation to staffing; Administration

Brief Rotation Description: The orientation period is used to train the intern on the workflow surrounding staffing in the pharmacy. They work with pharmacists to hone their knowledge when reviewing/verifying orders, entering I-vents, progress notes, handling questions from nurses and doctors. They are introduced to the workflow of the unit dose areas and IV room. The resident is trained on supervising technicians. This includes checking pyxis medications, IV preparations and cart fill using pharmagistics. The resident will be involved in survey readiness.

Project: Survey Readiness- Review employee files for completeness. Review VA BOP regulations for surveys.


Christy Romberg, PharmD

Clinical Specialty: Ambulatory care

Transition pharmacists provide medication reconciliation and therapeutic interventions by ensuring appropriate preventative and treatment medication regimens upon discharge from the hospital. Pharmacists work to ensure that patients leave the hospital with an accurate list of medications and an understanding of the discharge instructions. The residents will complete telephone medication reconciliations and education with patients and provide recommendations for drug optimization to providers via EMR notes.

Projects:Anti-Coagulation Clinics, Gaps in care/ Payor projects, Topic discussion and journal article reviews.

RESIDENTS – current class

Josh Cohen

College of Pharmacy: Philadelphia College of Pharmacy
Area of interest: Internal Medicine

Research project: Evaluation of pre- and post-implementation of stroke education on readmission rates, medication adherence, and clinical outcomes.

Why Novant: Novant Health Prince William Medical Center had many of the things I was looking for in a residency, including an environment where pharmacists were involved in every facet of patient care. Prince William Medical Center is also close to home where I grew up in Vienna, VA.

One thing you like to do in Northern Virginia: I love going to Washington Nationals games and being so close to Washington D.C.

RESIDENTS – graduates


Sophie Seo, PharmD,
Clinical Staff Pharmacist
Novant Health UVA Health System Prince William Medical Center
Manassas, VA


Julie Lim, PharmD, BCPS
Clinical Staff Pharmacist
Novant Health UVA Health System Prince William Medical Center
Manassas, VA