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Novant Health UVA Health System Team Member Newsletter

Remembering George: the heart of the hospital

Friday, May 24, 2019 (590 reads)

Long-term care patient at Haymarket Medical Center remembered fondly as a member of the family

In early spring 2018, when 45-year-old George entered the care of Med Tele at Haymarket Medical Center (HAMC), there was no initial sign that he would leave such a lasting impact.

After suffering multiple strokes and seizures, George, a former championship weightlifter, was unable to perform basic motor functions such as walking, talking and eating. The strokes and seizures also caused brain damage, which led to a shift in his personality making him more aggressive in interactions with those around him.

“When George first got here, he was very combative and we had to teach him how to walk, talk and eat again,” said Verna Oliver, nursing technical assistant at HAMC. She added jokingly, “he had a few ‘special’ words that he loved to use when he got here, but overtime that changed.”

Thanks to the Med Tele team’s expertise, and care and attention from other team members at the hospital, everyone noticed a change in George’s demeanor. He was able to walk, talk and eat on his own again and was constantly looking to interact with those around him.

“We eventually moved his room so he was closer to the nursing station. He needed to see what was going on,” said Nicole Garrett, nursing technical assistant at HAMC. “Before we knew it, he was waving and saying hello to everyone that walked by.”

As a long-term care patient, George spent a total of six months at the hospital and was considered family by many that knew and worked with him, this is something that team members say meant a lot to him. In his personal life and prior to entering the hospital, George selflessly dedicated his time to taking care of his mother, who had fallen ill at the same time.


Celebrating National Volunteer Month

Thursday, April 25, 2019 (321 reads)

The Novant Health Auxiliary has deep roots. In 1962, a group of prominent women saw the need for a hospital in Manassas to better serve our community’s healthcare needs. With their vision and the financial backing of the Manassas business community, Prince William Hospital opened in 1964. These roots are deeply connected to the community and the spirit of volunteering is alive and well. Volunteering engages community members who  donate their time, talents and resources for what has evolved into Novant Health UVA Health System. The Auxiliary and its members are from the community, provide for the community. Their presence has been constant, and they bring not only monetary value, but more importantly, their life experience, compassion and a sense of community to Novant Health UVA Health System. We can easily identify volunteers by their Aubergine jackets. But who are these volunteers, many of whom are an integral force in the hospital?  

In 2018, we had 651 volunteers. These community members comprise an army of volunteers that serve patients and team members in 48 departments at Prince William Medical Center, Haymarket Medical Center, Caton Merchant House, The Cancer Center and our very own Aubergine Thrift Shop. Volunteers help meet various needs and represent a competitive advantage for the hospital.

Whether wayfinding patients and guests, rounding on patients with the Comfort Cart, giving books to newborn babies, restocking supplies, rocking babies, helping in the emergency department and surgical services, staffing our Thrift and Gift Shops and many other services, volunteers are here to help our patients, guests and team members. Our pet therapy dogs are also a friendly force on Waggin’ Wednesdays. 

One particularly impactful story is when pet handler Stephanie Dagata noticed a woman on the phone, sobbing. She learned the woman was waiting for her family to arrive, as her husband was having a life-saving procedure. The pet therapy group gathered around the patient’s wife, having her take turns petting all the dogs giving her momentary relief. When it was Butch’s turn to be petted, unprompted, he walked up to her and placed his head in her lap. He wagged his tail and she smiled. She stopped crying and talked to Butch. When her family arrived, she began sobbing again. Butch pulled on his leash to get back to her. He then laid down on her feet and did not move. That was his way of telling her, “I’ve got you.” Butch laid there until the surgeon came out with an update on her husband. This story is heartwarming, but it is not unique. There are countless stories of the compassion and helpfulness our volunteers have to share. Just ask them sometime.


Are you ready for some football?

Wednesday, August 29, 2018 (346 reads)

It's that time of year again. High school, college and professional teams are preparing for the season, and so is the NH UVA team. Our 2018 One Ask Survey opens Tuesday, Sept. 4 and we want to hear your voice! We’ll use a football theme to track our progress on a goal of 85 percent participation – and if any facility or entity meets that goal, you’ll be invited to attend a special tailgate celebration. Throughout the three week survey, you will be eligible to win prizes each week for your participation. Tickets for the opening “game” will be coming to you soon.

The One Ask survey collects your thoughts on how well you connect with your team, your leader and to the mission, vision and values of our organization. It helps us know where we’re doing well, and where we need to focus to improve on team member engagement.


Financial check-in

Wednesday, August 29, 2018 (360 reads)

The summer months are typically tough financially for our system. Patients and providers take vacations, which impacts volumes. However, we’ve managed to get past those challenging months still exceeding budgeted expectations. July YTD financial statements show our performance is slightly ahead of budget and significantly improved upon 2017’s performance for the first seven months of the year. Volumes through July have generally been positive. Discharges are up 2 percent over prior year overall, with Haymarket Medical Center up an impressive 27 percent. Surgeries at the three acute care hospitals are up 6 percent over prior year and deliveries are up 2 percent over prior year. While the ER at Haymarket is showing growth in visits over prior year, total ER visits are down 2 percent. The cath lab at Prince William continues to grow at an incredible pace, up 21 percent over prior year. 

Operating income is 7 percent better than budgeted overall. Entities that are exceeding budget are Haymarket Medical Center, Novant Health UVA Health System Culpeper Medical Center, the Cancer Center and the Imaging Center. Special recognition to the Cancer Center as it is exceeding budget by 106 percent through July. Prince William Medical Center, The Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) and Novant Medical Group (NMG) are behind budget through seven months. With summer behind us, we can expect volumes to start to increase as they traditionally do.  We need to be ready for volume increases and continue to meet our financial targets.


One Ask Survey

Wednesday, August 29, 2018 (376 reads)

Our people credo states “We are an inclusive team of purpose-driven people inspired and united by our passion to care for each other, our patients and our communities.” 

We know that higher levels of team member and provider engagement lead to improved outcomes in patient safety, clinical outcomes, turnover and growth. Once a year, our organization conducts a formal engagement survey to better understand ways we can support you and create a world-class work environment. The team member and provider ‘One Ask’ survey opens Sept. 4 and remains open for three weeks. Stay tuned for information about our NH UVA football-themed kick-off event at each facility to celebrate the launch of the survey.