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Novant Health UVA Health System Team Member Newsletter

Know 5ive, Save lives.

Practice with a questioning attitude

Stop, reflect and resolve in the face of uncertainty

• Stop: Review the plan

• Reflect: Validate information and assumptions

• Resolve: Seek help to make the best decision


Communicate clearly

Use SBAR-Q to share information

• Situation: Person or issue you’re communicating about – the headline

• Background: Brief description and relevant history of situation

• Assessment: Your view and perception of urgency for action

• Recommendation: Your suggested action to resolve the situation or request for     guidance

• Questions: Any outstanding issues that need attention or clarification

Communicate using three-way repeat backs and read backs

• Sender initiates communication/receiver repeats back/sender acknowledges accuracy

• Ask and encourage clarifying questions to solidify understanding

• Use phonetic and numeric clarifications


Know and comply with red rules

Practice 100 percent compliance with red rules

Expect red rule compliance from all team members


Self-check: Focus on task

Use the STAR technique

• Stop: Pause for one second to focus attention on task

• Think: Consider the action you’re about to take

• Act: Concentrate and carry out the task

• Review: Check to make sure that the task was done right and that you got the right result


Support each other

Cross-check and assist

Use 5:1 feedback to encourage safe behavior (five positives for every one negative)

Speak up using ARCC – “I have a concern”

• Ask questions: Inquire when uncertain

• Make requests: Ask for a change in practice

• Voice concerns: Never hesitate to speak up; be alert for safety words: “I have a concern”

• Use chain of command: Swiftly escalate unresolved issues to superiors

Posted on Tuesday, May 30, 2017