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Novant Health UVA Health System Team Member Newsletter

Shoot for the stars

The star rating system combines 64 public metrics into one star rating score. In December, CMS issued the 2017 star rating score for each participating hospital. For this time period, Prince William Medical Center and Culpeper Medical Center both received a two-star rating, and Haymarket Medical Center received a three-star rating. While these scores include metrics from previous years, they also remind us that we have room for improvement in our quality and safety processes! The greatest areas of opportunity across the three facilities included prevention of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), patient experience and readmissions.

What can you do to help us increase our star scoring? One of the major ways is by partnering with us to improve the experience our patients have in our facilities. Every encounter and interaction provides an opportunity to demonstrate to our patients that we truly want them to have a remarkable experience in our organization. You can also help by practicing with a questioning attitude. When you aren’t certain something is right, question it! This helps us double-check our processes to make certain we are providing the highest quality, safest care possible. Together, we can ensure our patients receive extraordinary, safe, high-quality care at every encounter.

Click here to learn more about CMS’ star rating program. Thank you for everything you do.

Posted on Thursday, January 25, 2018