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Support for the spiritual needs of you and your family

Spiritual Care, chaplaincy and pastoral care is intended to facilitate healing by supporting the well-being of patients, family members and staff.

Professionally trained chaplains are available to serve the whole person – mind, body, and spirit – providing care to address the individual needs of the patient, family and team members.

Our chaplains support all faith traditions and those that do not have a faith tradition through direct service, education and consultation.

When to call a chaplain

    • When you feel anxious or fearful regarding the unknown
    • When you are experiencing difficult feelings such as anger, guilt, depression, etc.
    • When you simply wish to tell your story
    • When you desire prayer or religious/spiritual support
    • When you receive upsetting news
    • When you are struggling with the meaning of illness in your life
    • When you are grieving a loss through death or capacity
    • When you are facing end of life questions
    • Sacraments
    • When you would like support contacting community clergy

What chaplains offer

    • Spiritual and emotional support for patients, family members and team members
    • Compassionate and attentive listening
    • Support as you cope with a new diagnosis or chronic/long-term illness
    • Assistance in reconciling your beliefs and values with healthcare decisions
    • Assistance as you search for trust and inner peace
    • A loving and considerate presence
    • Help in recognizing and utilizing your inner strengths

How chaplains serve

    • Make religious/spiritual care assessments and develop spiritual care plans
    • Provide a calming presence
    • Advocate for patients
    • Administer the sacraments of holy communion
    • Contact your faith leader or a faith community partner (e.g., pastor, rabbi, imam or other spiritual caregiver) at your request

Volunteer chaplains

Volunteer chaplains further extend our ability to provide spiritual support by offering a caring and supportive presence to those who are facing illness, crisis, end-of-life and other life-changing circumstances.

UVA Culpeper Medical Center partners with the Culpeper County Christian Ministry Association (CCCMA) to provide volunteer chaplains. The CCCMA partnership allows UVA Culpeper Medical Center to bring spiritual support and comfort to the Culpeper community. UVA Culpeper Medical Center has a team of volunteer chaplains on-call and daily to deliver spiritual support to patients, families and staff.

Note: Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, volunteer chaplains are currently not serving at UVA Haymarket Medical Center and UVA Prince William Medical Center.

How to contact a chaplain at UVA Haymarket Medical Center and UVA Prince William Medical Center

Tell the nurse or any healthcare provider that you would like to see a chaplain. It is best to have a healthcare provider contact us on your behalf.

    • Call the operator (ext. 8000) from a hospital phone or 703-369-8000 from an outside phone.
    • Call the chaplain office directly (ext. 8885) from a hospital phone or 703-369-8885 from an outside phone.
    • An on-call chaplain is available for emergencies in the evening and on weekends. A nurse or healthcare provider can request that the operator call the on-call chaplain.

How to contact a chaplain at UVA Culpeper Medical Center

Any patient, guest or visitor can request a chaplain through the nursing team. Your healthcare provider will coordinate with the chaplains on your behalf.

Rooms of Reflection

Rooms of Reflection are available as a place of meditation and prayer for our patients, visitors and team members at our three medical centers. Please ask your nurse for directions to the rooms in our facilities.