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Cancer risk & genetic screening

Know your family history to reduce your risk of cancer

Your genes are direct “footprints” from your family medical history. Genetic counseling and testing can show if you are at a higher risk for developing certain hereditary cancers. This knowledge will let you know if you should have screenings more often than the average recommendation. Ultimately, it could save your life.

Caring for our communities, one person at a time

If a family history of cancer or a genetic predisposition to cancer has you concerned about your health Novant Health UVA Health System can help you understand and minimize your cancer risks through our high risk genetic screening program.

The Breast Center at Haymarket Medical Center has implemented a high risk screening program for all women who present with a physician’s order for their mammogram.

  • Any women presenting for a mammogram will be given a Family Health Questionnaire to fill out.
  • There are 11 yes/no questions related to family health history.
  • Based on answers, patients who qualify for the genetic testing will be offered the opportunity to view a short video about the testing program.
  • Once the patient determines they would like to proceed, they will be offered the opportunity to connect via iPad with a genetic counselor.
  • The test is a quick saliva collection and takes seconds to collect.
  • The results will be sent to the provider who ordered your screening. They will schedule time with you to review the results and assist you with an additional follow-up or medical management that may be needed.
  • Many insurance companies now cover genetic testing. The lab will submit with insurance prior to processing the specimen. Any out of pocket costs will be reviewed and approved by you.

High risk genetic screening is currently available through Novant Health UVA Health System Lake Manassas OB GYN practices and the Breast Center at Haymarket Medical Center. For more information contact:

Lake Manassas OB GYN – 571-261-3529
Breast Center at Haymarket Medical Center - 571-261-3600

If you are interested in doing the genetic screening in conjunction with your mammogram, have you physician add the order for “genetic screening as indicated” to your order. Genetic screening cannot be conducted without a physician order.