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Adult congenital heart disease

Personalized care, every step of the way

Advances in medical care have caused a higher number of adults with congenital heart disease (CHD) than babies being born with CHD. As a result, more transitory care is necessary to help young adults move from pediatric cardiac care to adult cardiac care. Many adults may not know they have congenital heart disease until symptoms show or assume they have outgrown their disease. However, follow-up care is critical when managing this illness.

At Novant Health UVA Health System we understand the complexities that come with adult congenital heart disease and work with you to establish your medical history, symptoms and create a plan that works for you and your life.

Treatments for ACHD may include:

  • Follow up visits.Relatively minor heart defects may only require periodic checkups with your doctor to make sure your condition doesn't worsen. This may include screenings and monitoring of conditions.
  • Education and guidance on life decisions.Choices that adults face, such as pregnancy, orlimitations on activities may need additional guidance or approval from your doctor based on the severity of your disease.
  • Medication.Some mild congenital heart defects can be treated with medications that help the heart work more efficiently or to prevent blood clots or to control an irregular heartbeat.
  • Implantable heart devices.
  • Special procedures using catheters.Some congenital heart defects can be repaired using catheterization techniques.

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