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Wellness exams

Regular screening is the key to disease prevention and good health

Annual screenings play a critical role in preventing illness, even if you are currently feeling well and are in good physical shape. By monitoring your health over time, your doctor can learn more information about your health and detect signs of disease at their earliest – and most treatable – stages.

Please take some time to talk to your doctor about the following exams that we recommend below.

Bone densitometry tests

Bone densitometry tests, also known as dual-energy X-ray absorption (DEXA), are most often used to determine the strength of bones in the spine and hip – two areas where seriously-disabling injuries can occur. These bone density tests can determine if you have, or are at risk for developing, osteoporosis. The procedure combines X-rays and computer technology to do precise measurements of bone density.

Learn more about bone densitometry tests »

CT colonography

CT colonography, sometimes called a virtual colonoscopy, is used to look for growths in your rectum and colon. The procedure combines advanced X-ray scanning with computer imaging to create a detailed 3-D image.

A CT colonography enables our physicians to perform a detailed examination without sedation, injections or inserting a tube and camera into the colon, as is done with a traditional colonoscopy.

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