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Breast health screenings

Take charge of your breast health

Your best defense against breast cancer is early detection. Here are three steps you can take today to help ensure breast cancer is detected early and at its most treatable stage:

  1. Breast self-exam - Routine breast self-examinations can help you become aware of how your breasts normally feel so you can easily detect any changes.
  2. Clinical breast exam – Make sure a breast exam is included as part of your annual physical. If you have noticed any changes in your breasts since your last physical, be sure to share these with your doctor.
  3. Mammograms – Annual mammograms are an important part of your breast health routine. These low-dose X-rays examine any changes or abnormalities in the breast and are generally recommended once a woman turns 40. Some of our locations offer the newest technology in 3-D mammography, called tomosynthesis.
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In some cases, your physician may order other kinds of breast screenings such as non-invasive breast MRI or breast ultrasound. These screenings may be recommended if your doctor found an abnormality such as fibrocystic breast disease during an earlier mammogram or if you have very dense breast tissue.