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Women's & Children's Center at Haymarket Medical Center

You and your baby are our top priority

Our Women’s and Children’s Center opened in 2015 with a contemporary design, luxuriously furnished patient rooms and abundance of special amenities to create a birthing experience that you and your entire family will cherish. Not only will you feel pampered during your stay, our comprehensive range of medical services will ensure that you receive high-quality maternity care. The nurturing environment at our center is a special place for you and baby to begin your lives together.

Actually, our services begin even before you conceive. We’re here to help make sure that you are healthy and prepared for pregnancy.

Your birthing experience

When your baby is on the way, our team of board-certified physicians and specialized nurses will be here for you. Our spacious birthing suites are designed to meet your every need and provide a comfortable, secure and caring environment. Our private postpartum suites include the comforts of home with plenty of room for visitors or loved ones to spend the night.

In addition to complete obstetrical and surgical services, we provide all newborn services, including hearing screening, newborn assessments, and a photo service.

At Novant Health UVA Health System, we support a rooming-in model for post-delivery care. Mothers and babies share a natural instinct to be close after birth. Holding your baby skin-to-skin has many benefits, including facilitating breastfeeding and enhancing the bonding experience. A rooming-in mother usually gets more rest. There is less separation anxiety and newborns transition into their natural sleep cycle more quickly.

If your baby needs it, we have a fully equipped intermediate care nursery staffed 24/7 with board-certified neonatologists, NICU-experienced nurses, and therapists to care for your newborn.

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Family friendly C-section

If your baby is born by a cesarean delivery, chances are good that you can be awake for the surgery. Only in rare situations will a mother require general anesthesia for delivery.

Your healthcare team will include you in your plan of care. Every effort will be made to provide you with a very personal birthing experience.

  • Your intravenous line and blood pressure cuff will be placed on your nondominant arm so that you will be free to hold your baby.
  • You may bring your own music.
  • Your baby will be quickly dried and brought to you and placed skin to skin.
  • You may choose to observe your delivery through a clear drape.
  • Once your procedure is done, your baby and support person will move into the recovery room together. You will join them shortly and remain together throughout your stay.

For more information, give us a call at 571-284-1000.

Breastfeeding services

At the Women’s and Children’s Center, we believe that, in addition to being a rewarding and nurturing experience, breastfeeding offers many health benefits for your growing baby — but learning to nurse can take time, practice and patience.

To help you succeed, we offer services such as prenatal breastfeeding classes and assessment, breastfeeding consultations, breast pumps, feeding supplies and breastfeeding aids.

Intermediate Care Nursery (ICN)

If your baby is born prematurely or with an illness or condition that requires special care, rest assured that your baby will be in excellent hands. We have teams of board-certified neonatologists, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, respiratory therapists, social workers, pharmacists, nutritionists and lactation consultants on staff in our intermediate care nursery (ICN), as well as in our special care nursery, where your baby will be closely monitored and treated with the utmost care.

Babies who need a higher level of care will be evaluated by the neonatology team and arrangements made for any necessary transportation to a higher level facility.

Support after the baby arrives

Between 24 and 48 hours after the birth, your doctor will discharge you and your baby to go home if you both are doing well. Even after you and your little one leave the hospital, we are still here for you providing support during those first few weeks and beyond.

Although it just doesn’t seem right, new mothers are not always happy. In fact, conditions such as rapid hormone change, fatigue, the physical and emotional stress of giving birth, and sleep deprivation can combine to make you depressed, even with a beautiful new baby.

It is nothing to be ashamed of, and you are certainly not alone. One in five new mothers will experience a serious postpartum mood disorder. Please, stay in touch with your physician if you need evaluation and support. We are here to help with all of your healthcare needs.

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